About Us

Specialists at every stage

As part of Statoil Fuel & Retail, we have more than 100-years’ experience of running operations in Scandinavia, Poland, The Baltic States and Russia, with the same high requirements for quality in every location.

Statoil Lubricants is a Scandinavian company specialising in lubricants, from the molecular level to ready-to-use solutions. We provide more than 600 products to many different market segments,including manufacturing industries, metalworking, power industries,
heavy transportation, automotive workshops, construction and forestry and many more.

Our product portfolio covers a wide range lubricants, from standard mineral oils to the latest synthetic fluids, meeting the requirements of the original equipment manufacturers. Our close cooperation with our customers has given us a detailed knowledge of the conditions and circumstances applying in each sector.

We produce our quality products in our own factory located in Nynäshamn, Sweden. Sales are made through experienced sales reps on-site and through our distributors in 4 additional countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Experience, knowledge, and development permeate our history and our current operations. This means we can take responsibility for the entire value chain, from research and production to the new lubricant solution of tomorrow.