The science of selecting the right motor oil

It is a complex world with a many important details that meets those needing to choose oil lubrication products for their vehicles. Not only do the lubricants have to meet the requirements of the officially recognised classification systems. Each vehicle manufacturer also has their own, increasingly stringent and advanced requirements for motor oils and gear lubricants.

Finding the motor oil is thus a science in itself. At Statoil Lubricants we have the knowledge needed to master this science, all the way from the lab to the engines and gear boxes of your vehicles.

Our Scandinavian motor oils are designed and adapted to meet the most stringent requirement placed on modern diesel engines. We have a broad and comprehensive product range for all needs, all based on the latest research in lubricant technology. When you choose Statoil Lubricants, you can be certain that the product will meet the engine manufacturers’ requirements, regardless of brand.

We know for certain that requirements with regard to health, safety and the environment will only become more stringent in the future, in all areas. You can feel confident knowing that our lubricants already meet the standard issued by ACEA and API, as well as the emission requirements for Euro 5 and the future Euro 6.

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