Oil analysis – Invaluable information that increases reliability

In the same way as a blood test can give a good picture of your health, an oil analysis can provide invaluable information about the status of machines and engines.

With analyses of used lubricants, you can undertake preventive maintenance, optimise production and lower maintenance costs in a simple and cost-effective way. Effective monitoring of the condition of the oil can give you an early warning before a breakdown happens and can even provide clues as to where the problem is located.

Lab Advisor in two different guises

Lab Advisor Alert: forms part of your planned machine maintenance, and is an effective way to protect the machine park and prevent expensive downtime.

Lab Advisor Advanced: is a more individual, customised service where your needs control what we do for you. The service is suitable for those who need analyses other than those offered in Alert, such as in the case of operating problems and investigations.

We are more than willing to help you determine which analysis you require. Regardless of which of our Lab Advisor services you use, you receive invaluable information that increases reliability.

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1. Lab Advisor Alert 


Alert is a fast, easily accessible analysis solution that is available ready-packaged for most needs within industry, marine, automotive and offshore sectors. Alert is part of a planned maintenance and a trend analysis can also be done based on the results, where the optimum oil change interval is predicted.

We perform all analyses required in order to determine the condition of the oil and the machine. You will receive the analysis report by e-mail after a week and you are also able to log on to our website and access all reports.

Alert gives you:

  • Higher production capacity and cost savings as the risk of operational shut downs and failure are reduced.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs as potential problems can be identified before they arise.
  • Increased expertise regarding your own machinery through documentation regarding the condition of the machines and the oil.
  • Cost reduction through an optimization of oil change intervals and maintenance.

Alert sample shipments are sent to:

Statoil Lubricants Laboratories
North Wales
LL32 8FA
United kingdom 

 Before sending a sample to the lab you need to register the sample and print labels in the web portal. Below you'll find links to tutorials on how to register a new sample point and how to print lables.

2. Lab Advisor Advanced


Advanced is a more individual and customer adapted service based on your needs. This service is suitable for those who need more specific analyses than Alert is able to offer, for example complex problems or comprehensive investigations.

In order to maximize the benefits of the Advanced service, the dialogue between you, our application engineers and the laboratory is important. Our application engineers also assist with support and technical evaluation of the analysis results.

Advanced gives you:

  • Security through quick and competent evaluation of the condition of the oil and your machinery.
  • Troubleshooting and investigations for abnormal conditions.
  • Fast availability to competence for immediate needs.
Advanced sample shipments are sent to our laboratory in Nynäshamn (Please write your name and
phonenumber on the parcel):


Statoil Fuel & Retail
Analytical Lab
Box 194
149 22 Nynäshamn
Att: Madeleine Ahlin


Statoil Fuel & Retail
Analytical Lab
149 41 Nynäshamn
Att: Madeleine Ahlin

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