Solutions for The Construction – Forestry – Industrial industry

Solutions for the construction industry

The challenge is to find a high-tech and sustainable lubricant solution that efficiently lengthens the intervals between service and oil changes.

Every machine manufacturer is now placing their own, increasingly stringent and advanced requirements on lubricants - not least from an environmental perspective. Consequently, finding the right lubricant is a complete science. It is this particular science at which Statoil Lubricants is an expert, all the way from the laboratory to the hydraulic systems and gearboxes in your machines.

Our Scandinavian lubricants are designed and adapted to meet the toughest demands placed on modern machines in construction and forestry. We have an extensive and complete product range to meet all needs, based on cutting-edge lubricant technology research. Today several of our best lubricants are also the most environmentally sound.

 When you choose a lubricant solution from Statoil Lubricants, you can be sure that the products comply with the specifications of the machine manufacturers and that the products are ready to meet tomorrow’s needs.

Solutions for forestry

Machinery used in construction and forestry must cope with massive strains and tough challenges. You must be able to rely on the machines working at full capacity, without major disruptions, despite intensive use under challenging conditions.

We at Statoil Lubricants can make the difference. When you give us the task of finding the right product for your particular requirements, we can help extend the working life of your machines as well as improve performance and reduce your operating costs. And all with minimal impact on the environment. We also offer a number of lubricant series comprising biologically degradable products that both improve performance and reduce hazardous emissions to the environment.

 What we can confidently say about the future is that stipulations regarding health, safety and the environment will become stricter in all areas. However, you can already rely on our lubricants complying with future emission limits. Our constant focus is to find the solution that increases your productivity and optimises your business – both now and in the future.

Solutions for the manufacturing industry

Whatever your company manufactures, many components have to work together in a process that must function without disruption, down to the very last detail.

In any context where materials are processed and formed, we help you to find the right lubricant solution. You can meet us in the machine hall, or at the negotiating table, since you can say that Statoil Lubricants are everywhere, just like our lubricants.

Consider us to be your long-term partner that listens, is there for you, and is always ready to share its expertise. This is how we help you to solve the problems; and even the problems you did not know you had. Our constant focus is to find the solution that increases your productivity and optimises your business.

When you trust us to find the right product to suit your requirements, we can help you to increase your machinery’s working life, improve performance and reduce your operating costs. We also offer several lubricant series with biologically degradable products that both increase performance and reduce hazardous discharges.

 There is no doubt that more demanding health, safety and the environmental requirements will be made in the future, yet you can already be confident that our lubricants will live up to future requirements – in every way.

     Plant  Survey

The right lubrication = higher productivity and lower maintenance costs

Lubricants and lubrication have more of an impact on profitability and productivity than many companies imagine. Surveys show that Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in industry is under 60%. 

In other words, productivity is reduced by 40% because production is not operating fully or delivering as planned – often due to inadequate or incorrect lubrication.

With the right lubrication companies in heavy industries like steel, metal and paper could reduce their maintenance budget by 10-20%, according to estimates carried out by the industries themselves, while also avoiding costly downtime.

Lower costs
The right lubrication also helps to reduce costs in other areas. For example, a modern lubricating oil can reduce energy costs by SEK 200-300,000 per year in a medium-sized industrial company. But there are other savings too: fewer oil changes, fewer stoppages, less machine component replacement, fewer lubricant suppliers, less administration and lower storage costs could easily save the same company a further SEK 150-200,000.

Better for the environment
There are also environmental gains to be had from having the right lubrication. Higher energy efficiency reduces carbon dioxide emissions, and a longer product life means less waste oil to deal with and less transportation to and from the factory.

Increase efficiency – without investment
Here at Statoil Lubricants, we have a method for helping you to optimise your lubrication. In a systematic review we identify any opportunities for raising efficiency and cutting costs, and also the potential to increase capacity – without new investment. We call this review our Plant Survey.

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