The right engine oil – a science in itself

It is a complex world of many components that greets the person who has to choose oil products for their workshop.

Different vehicle makes of different ages set demands for adapted products and fast delivery. To prevent stock holding and greater administration, it is necessary to find a limited number of products that cover as many requirements as possible and at the same time meet the high standards of the engine manufacturers.

Finding the right engine oil therefore becomes a science in itself. It is that very science that we at Statoil Lubricants are masters of; all the way from the laboratory to the engine and gearboxes in your vehicles. So we can help you with the right lubricant for your needs.

We have a wide and complete portfolio of products, based on the very latest lubrication technology research. Our Scandinavian engine oils are designed and adapted to meet the latest and highest demands placed on modern engines. If you choose a lubricant from Statoil Lubricants you can be sure that the product meets the engine manufacturer’s requirements, regardless of make.

The one thing that we can say with certainty about the future is that the demands on health, safety and the environment will increase in all areas. You can be reassured that our lubricants already meet the standards established by ACEA and API and the emissions requirements of Euro 5 and the future Euro 6.

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